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Costume Design in Film and TV

Film/Media/Entertainment + Fashion

Regardless of whether a movie is set in the present, the past, a faraway land, or an imagined time and place, Director and costume designers work together, the story being told by the production designer and the photographer the tale. Actors and costume designers work together to bring the on-screen characters to life. The cinematic language used in movies to tell stories contains the script of narrative and visual (the film frame) elements. A director's medium is film. The spectators view precisely what the director intended for us to see The leader decides what information to expose or keep hidden about a character and a dramatic circumstance

2+ Hours | 24 Chapters | Quiz | Assignment


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Who made this course?

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The course has been designed collectively by Professionals working in film and television, Fashion Stylists, Costume Designers, and Art Directors.

What you will learn?

What is Costume Design
Approach to Costume Design
Mainstream Cinema Approach
Color Matching and Contrasting
Art House Cinema Approach
How to be a Costume Designer
and much more...

Suggestive Reading and movies

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It doesn't matter what qualifications you have, or which industry you work in, you can learn film making, the most sought-after creative skill of this century, here. It helps you improve your writing, content style, photography, storytelling and gives you a clear perspective of everything.

A Course for:
Movie buffs + Actors + Graduates + Advertising + Social Media professionals + Digital Content Creators + Photographers + Influencers + Youtubers + Journalists + Writers & Storytellers + Musicians and Lyricists + Copywriters + Anchors, RJs, Voice Over Artists + Media Students + Animation Professionals + PR Professionals + Design Professionals


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