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Discover Cinema:
A Six Week Filmmaking Course


Learn the basics of Film making from Award-Winning Filmmakers and Film professionals. From Screenplay to Direction, Cinematography to Editing, Short Film making to Festivals. Join us to face the challenges and learn the craft of film making in Six Weeks.

10+ Hours | 130 Chapters | Quiz | Assignment

Become a complete filmmaker

Includes these five courses

Roses Welder

Screenwriting &

Explore and learn Screenwriting for Films, Web Series, and TV

Image by Samuel Regan-Asante

a Film

Learn the process of directing Films, Web Series and TV

Image by ShareGrid

Cinematography in Film

Learn camera basics, equipment, placement, lighting, lensing, movement

Image by Peter Stumpf

Editing and Sound
in Film

Learn Editing video and sound for Films, Web Series, social media & TV

Image by Piotrek Luszczak

Making a Short film and Distribution

Learn the process of short film making and its distribution

and five instructors, more chapters, videos, assignments, quizzes, articles, softwares worth INR 12,000, and IFI Membership.

With this course

  • Get a Certificate at the end of the course

  • Get offers worth INR 12,000 on Filmmaking Resources

  • Downloadable Resources with the course

  • Get Indian Film Institute Membership

  • Access on any Device

  • Ask Queries

Who made this course?


Learn with Top Film Directors and Professionals who made the biggest Bollywood blockbusters and won National Awards for their work.

What you will learn?

  1. What is filmmaking

  2. Process of making films

  3. Timeline of a Film

  4. Screenplay writing

  5. Pre-Production of a Film

  6. How to write a Screenplay

  7. Writing Dialogues

  8. Camera and Lighting

  9. Framing, Angles, Focussing

  10. Directing a Film

  11. Selecting a story for the film

  12. Casting Actors

  13. Handling Emotions

  14. Editing a Film

  15. Tools of Editing

  16. Telling a Story Visually

  17. Basics of Sound Design

  18. Making your First Short Film

  19. Screenplay Economics and Budgeting a film

  20. Idea and Plan Meet

Direct a 1 Min Short Film

Write your own Screenplay

Edit a Sequence into a film

Compile and Frame the shots

Learn by Practical Application

Get a Verified Certificate

Explore the Career Options

How to Become an Editor
How much does a Editor earns
What does it take to become one
Desired Qualifications
and much more...

Who can do this course?

It doesn't matter what qualifications you have, or which industry you work in, you can learn film making, the most sought-after creative skill of this century, here. It helps you improve your writing, content style, photography, storytelling and gives you a clear perspective of everything.

A Course for:
+ Movie buffs + Actors + Graduates + Advertising + Social Media professionals + Digital Content Creators + Photographers + Influencers + Youtubers + Journalists + Writers & Storytellers + Musicians and Lyricists + Copywriters + Anchors, RJs, Voice Over Artists + Media Students + Animation Professionals + PR Professionals + Design Professionals

What after this course?


- You will be able to Write your own Screenplays and Pitch it
- You will be able to Write TV show Scripts and Dialogues
- You will be able to direct a short film or a small level commercial
- Tell Stories with a Structure in mind
- Work with Assistant Directors, Writers in Film, Web Series and Television
- Work in Advertising

- Collaborate and Brainstorm ideas with Friends and Relatives

Learning never ends, keep Improving these skills
- Creative Writing
- Command in Language
- Poetry
- Observation of Society and People as Characters



Get a Verified Digital Certificate upon completion of the course. Every certificate has a unique code and can provide proof for an employer, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed an online course.

The certificate comes with many benefits, read here.

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